The rehousing of the 26 families impacted by the project « Cité Baraka » started since June 28, 2018.
These families joined the barracks built by Baraka craftsmen allowing these families to stay in Baraka according to the wishes of Madame Ambassador Ohoven, their « Blonde Mom ».
The Baraka craftsmen, especially the carpenters and masons, gave their all for the rapid realization of these barracks.lounge

This project « Cité Baraka » which is strongly supported by the State of Senegal through the Ministry of Urban Renewal of Habitat and Living Environment receives the weekly visit of Mrs. Soumaré, President of the Steering Committee.
Indeed, after relocation of the families impacted by the construction of the buildings, Ms. Soumaré visited the site to check their living conditions in these new barracks which are only temporary.rps20180718_204628

The displacement of the populations will enable the company IC SUARL to be able to pursue properly its construction work and to widen their perimeter of safety. Now the area of ​​the North and South zone of the site is completely freed to facilitate the construction of the first six buildings.rps20180718_204824

Outside the State of Senegal, the « Cité Baraka » project is also monitored by partner Casa Orascom. On June 24, 2018, Mr. Stefan Zingerle and Alex Calderoni visited the site and the  rehousing site of the affected families.rps20180718_204508

After a visit to the relocation site, the partners decided to expand the site by moving households from the East and West zone of the site.rps20180718_204535

Craftsmen especially carpenters and masons are hard at work for phase II of the construction of barracks …
Some photos of the visit to Baraka of the partner Casa Orascom with Mr. Zingerle and Mr. Calderoni accompanied by Mr. Boubacar Mané, representative of HOPE’87-Senegal, local partner of YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need (Germany)


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