The « Cité Baraka » project, whose activities were officially launched in March 2018, continues with the construction of the first six (06) buildings.
The construction of the foundation of five out of six buildings has started and the sixth will be started shortly.


Casa Orascom representatives Alex Calderoni, Paula Abad and Antonio Galdon paid a follow-up visit to the site on September 11, 2018. This visit was guided by Mr. Boubacar Mané, representative of HOPE’87-Senegal, a local partner of the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need (Germany) as well as members of the Baraka Development Committee.
The work began with the relocation of 76 families impacted by 78 by the works. These families are relocated in Baraques built by Baraka artisans with the support and support of Casa Orascom.
These households located to the west, north, east and south of the construction site are installed as follows on the road towards the health hut, in front of the Liberté VI Baraque market and in front of the IT Center.
Secure toilets are also built for these households and connected to the sanitation network of the National Office of Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS).


These households like Mamadou Diallo and his family live at ease in their new Baraques. Mr. Diallo is very happy because he has two barracks that are each 3m30 / 3m while he occupied before a room of 4m / 3m with his children.


Mrs. Kady Diallo, a breakfast vendor in the neighborhood, is also very reassured to stay on site to develop her business but to see the progress of the work of the building site and thank you very much « Mama Blonde ».


Ms. Thilo Ba is a woman who transforms agricultural products and works with her family to prepare Couscous made from millet, from which she received an order.

Some photos of the visit to Baraka of the partner Casa Orascom with Mr. Alex Calderoni, Mrs. Paula Abad and Mr. Antonio Galdon accompanied by Mr. Boubacar Mané, representative of HOPE’87-Senegal, local partner of YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need ( Germany)


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