After the follow-up mission of the representatives of CasaOrascom of Mr. Samih Sawaris in September 2018, it is the turn of the YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need (Germany) to follow the progress of the project « Cité Baraka ».
This project, so dear to Mrs Ohoven, has become a reality after 25 years of fighting and searching for partners.
This project of the You Foundation, which is supported by Mr. Samih Sawiris has received support from the State of Senegal in this case the President of the Republic. The latter instructed the Ministry of Urban Renewal, Living Environment and Habitat to lead the project in relation with the partners.

Mrs. Ohoven, commonly known as « Blonde Mom » ​​in Baraka and Mrs. Claudia Jerger, and their partners visited Senegal from October 21 to 28, 2018.
The site visit was made in the company of members of the Baraka Development Committee and the staff of HOPE’87 Senegal, a local partner of YOU Foundation.


Ms. Ohoven first visited the families impacted by the construction and relocated to Baraques built by Baraka artisans.
The 76 families affected by the construction activities were relocated to Baraka even in barracks built by Baraka artisans made up of masons, carpenters, tilers and electricians. The capacities of these craftsmen were strengthened which allowed them to carry this project of relocation.
Staying in Baraka was a promise made by Mrs. Ohoven and it gave families back their confidence because they were afraid of being expelled at any time.


Household members solemnly thanked « Blonde Mom » ​​for her tireless efforts to help the people of Baraka improve their living conditions.
After the visit to the relocated families, Mrs Ohoven and her delegation went to the building site where she saw the progress of the work.


At the worksite Mrs Ohoven spoke with the site manager who showed him the documents related to the building permit. Under the influence of emotion she shed tears saying « Oh my God; my dream for 25 years is starting to be a reality.  »
According to the site manager, the first six buildings are out of the ground and are in the raising phase.


During the meeting with the site manager, Mr. Diop, a photo of the plan of the future baraka city was shown to the delegation.
The people of Baraka have told « Blonde Mom » ​​that in a few months they will have nothing to envy neighbors next door.


Even the children of Baraka are interested in construction activities. From time to time the children impressed by the « Cité Baraka » project take a look at the site to see the evolution of activities.


During the visit, Mrs. Ohoven and Claudia Jerger noticed the presence of Baraka masons members of the GIE Baraka artisans at the site. They insisted that the company use the local labor of Baraka.

Some pictures of the visit to Baraka:


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