German investors visit Baraka and the City Baraka project …

Mrs Ohoven Ambassador of the YOU Foundation had to make pleas in Germany to sensitize the partners and the German investors on the project « City Baraka », a project which had been close to her heart since the years 2000.

This project strongly supported by the President of the Republic Macky Sall saw day and started in March 2018 by the construction of the first six buildings.

This plea, led by Ambassador Ohoven, convinced the German-African Economic Association based in Germany to visit the Baraka district and the Cité Baraka project during their stay in Senegal.

The members of the association went to Baraka on April 17, 2019 under the leadership of Mrs. Katarina Kunert Regional Director for North Africa and Central Africa. The members are welcomed in Baraka by the Baraka Development Committee and the HOPE’87 Senegal team partner of the YOU Foundation in Senegal.


The visit started with the different achievements of the YOU Foundation. This is the primary school that was completely rebuilt in 2012 with a complete cycle of CI to CM2 with six (06) rooms equipped in connection with its local partner HOPE’87 Senegal and recognized by the State of Senegal who assigned teachers.

With the support of the State of Senegal, the school was recognized and the State assigned eight (8) teachers and one (1) director. Since 2012 Baraka Primary School has been operating with an average of 200 children from 7 to 13 years old.

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The visit continued under the guidance of the Baraka Development Committee and the HOPE’87 Senegal team at the Sewing Center for Baraka Girls in the Schumacher Center. The workshop was supported by the YOU Foundation in 2016 to help girls who are learning to sew to improve themselves. The workshop was equipped in 5 sewing machines with accessories and small sewing equipment to the profile of 5 girls.

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Given their lack of time, the members of the Association Economique Germano-Africaine went directly to the barracks built as part of the relocation of populations impacted by the construction project. The HOPE’87 Senegal team explained that the Baraques had been built by Baraka artisans and that the YOU Foundation had previously supported the strengthening of their capacities for their involvement in the construction activities.


At the time of going to the building site, the HOPE’87 Senegal team explained to the members of the German-African Economic Association the signboard of the building site showing the model of the 11 buildings, the company ICS in charge of construction and different partners such as the State of Senegal and the CasaOrascom Group.IMG-20190506-WA0039

The group then went to the site where the workers are in full activity because the first six buildings are to be delivered in September 2019. The team of HOPE’87 Senegal with Mr. Boubacar MANE presented to the members the history of Baraka until the construction of the buildings.


The guided tour ended with a visit to the sample apartment at Building J, which was finalized and visited by the Prime Minister of Senegal on 23 January 2019.

The apartment is an F4 on the ground floor consisting of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a balcony. The German Investors who are members of the German-African Economic Association came out of the visit very satisfied because it was obvious for them to imagine the living conditions of the people in the Baraques and their new life in the new Baraka City.

Thank you Mrs Ohoven and her partners, Thank you Mama Blonde ...

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