Women selling fruit juice at Baraka Primary School reinforce their activities thanks to Brigitte Eisenhauer-Braun.

Since the recognition of the primary school of Baraka in 2012, the women who are at the heart of the generative activities there sell fruit juice and sweets. Students are kept in the school yard at recess times and this allows these six women to do their activities in the school at these times.

These women who share fruit juice sales have decided to join their efforts and their means to work together. As part of the new « Baraka City », Ambassador Ohoven of the YOU Foundation has decided to support the activities of women and young artisans to enable them to face their new life. It was in this context that the women had sought the support of Ambassador Ohoven, commonly known as « Blonde Mom in Baraka ».

Considering women as vulnerable groups and making them her priority in her various interventions, she also asked for the support of her partners and Mrs. Brigitte Eisenhauer-Braun responded to her call to support these women, thanks to her.


Support consists of:

  • Set up two kiosks selling fruit juice in Barak
  • Equip women with juice preparation equipment
  • Equip women with 6 fridges freezers
  • Equip women in 2 mixers
  • Equip in 6 coolers
  • Put at their disposal a working capital
  • Put at their disposal bottles bearing the name of the lessor (Juice by Brigitte  Baraka)IMG_20190614_125154
    The women lasted in the sale of local fruit juice and this juice is very popular with children and adults especially during hot weather in summer.IMG_20190612_115825

These women who have joined forces and their means to work together have launched the order for the making of the two kiosks from the craftsmen of Baraka. These craftsmen improved their work as part of the Baraka artisans empowerment project supported by YOU Foundation. This demonstrates a synergy of actions in the various interventions of the YOU Foundation in Baraka.IMG_5886

One of the kiosks is finished and is decorated with the name of the lessor on the kiosk near a painter. Women who will work in groups will start their activities next week.IMG_20190612_114554

Mariama Ba, one of the beneficiaries, is in charge of 12 children aged between 7 and 18 years old. Mariama is obliged to do the small business to feed her children. She does not have a fridge, she buys ice cream to refresh the juice she sells in primary school. Mariama is also a beneficiary on behalf of her late husband of a F3-type apartment in the new « Baraka City » and is expected to pay monthly housing allowance within a few months. Mariama always thought that Blonde Mom and her partners will save her someday.IMG_5854

Maimouna Sangaré, whose house had caught fire at the same time as Fatou Sy in 2018, had lost all his equipment, his clothes and his small savings. Maimouna, who is the mother of five girls and two boys, takes care of her children’s schooling with the juice trade she leads to primary school. Her husband who is the caretaker takes care of food and water. Maimouna sometimes has to go around the neighborhood to sell her juice in order to save a small amount for her personal needs and those of her children. Maimouna thinks that with this project she can better develop the activity she masters and save more because she is also a beneficiary of an apartment type F2.IMG_5841

Thank you Mrs Ohoven and her partners, Thank you Mama Blonde, Thank you Mrs Brigitte Eisenhauer-Braun ….


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