The blog of Baraka, Dakar was founded as a part of the Baraka Project of the German YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need – an initiative of UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven, in cooperation with HOPE’87. Three young bloggers from Baraka are now the voice of Baraka, a slum in the middle of Senegal’s buzzing capital Dakar. Ready to show the world their authentic life, the people and the future of Baraka, the bloggers are eager to you their stories.

The three bloggers of the first generation are Aissatou Sow (Economics student), Ousmane Ly (contractor at the housing company involved in the project), and Dienyaba Ba (Information Technology student). Within only three weeks of training, the well-renowned German blogger Katharina Leuck showed them all the ropes and taught them the 101 of blogging. The goals was to provide the adolescents with the necessary toolkit for their first steps toward a possible future in online journalism.

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