The difficulties of the third ages in Baraka

In black Africa, especially in Third World countries, the third age is a very difficult period, as capacity and labor power disappear with age. And for someone who does not benefit from a retirement pension, old age rhymes with extreme poverty.

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The new Baraka graduates

Baraka is a modest and poor neighborhood where the majority of the population is illiterate but there are some intellectuals like those young bachelors who are the pride of the neighborhood yet. Here are two examples of the new Baraka graduates.

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The life of an inhabitant of Baraka

Poverty is a theme used to define the misery and lack of means of an individual, which prevent him from satisfying his needs. In underdeveloped countries, especially in Black Africa, most people don´t have enough Food to eat and are unable to take care of themselves when they get sick. This is the case in Baraka, where the population lives in precarious situations.

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Visit our notables in Baraka

The notion of « significant » is inseparable from that of social hierarchy, although notable are not always recognized leaders (sometimes it may be of personalities which the population spontaneously recognize particular importance, which distinguishes them from others). Here is a special section on both moral and wise people of Baraka neighborhood: the neighborhood leader El Hadji Abdou Seye and Imam El Hadji Thierno Mamadou Alfa BA.

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