Far from the beautiful villas, all-terrain vehicles and paved streets, it is the dust, the promiscuity, the poverty which characterizes the Baraka district which is a poor district. This neighborhood is located in Dakar, Senegal in the municipality of Sicap Liberté where the majority of the population is illiterate and with a low rate of schooling of children.
Even though there were children studying outside Baraka, most spent their days dragging and playing in the neighborhood for lack of follow-up. Parents left in the morning around 7 am to go to work or sell in the surrounding markets to put some things on the table for their children.

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Visit of the doctors in Baraka

On the 16th and 17th of November 2016, the population of Baraka was honored to receive Mrs. OHOVEN, her daughter CLAUDIA JERGER and two german doctors accompanied by their HOP87 collaborators. rps20161117_164107

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computer center in Baraka

Baraka recently got a computer training center and multiservice. The whole youth of the neighborhood was very excited about this project that was long awaited. Here are the remarks made by the president of GIE youth Baraka Amadou Korka Diallo.

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Back to school in Baraka

The children of the whole country went back to schoolyear 2016-2017 last week, exactly on the 5th of October. In Baraka, the children were eager to go to school. We present a gallery telling you this opening day.

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Projects in Baraka are making progress

The progress of the projects, which could be realized thanks to the support of Mr. Sawiris is already visible. This report is about the status of the Baraka school renovation, healthcare and hairdresser education.

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Holiday courses for students Baraka

The population of Baraka becomes aware that children’s education is a priority, thus they motivate the children to go to school during the holidays to learn more. The fact that most parents are not educated poses many difficulties in raising children. So to help these children to do better, some kids out of neighborhood who are motivated and committed to the success of Baraka schoolchildren, have embarked on the holiday courses organization. rps20160830_204750

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Thank you: New tables, benches, and paint for Baraka’s primary school

A « thank you » is only valuable if it is really sincere. This is why the population of Baraka would like to thank « YOU FOUNDATION » from the bottom of their heart for their project funded by Mr. Samih SAWIRIS for the primary school in Baraka. With this project, more than 120 tables and benches were repaired or manufactured for our school.

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The Baraka Football School

« Training at the base, this is the only way to success in the world of football. » It was this maxim that inspired Idy SARR, a neighbor of Baraka and younger brother of a former Senegalese international passionate of football. He managed to create a soccer school in the district. Its purpose is to help young baraka who love football to gain the knowledge that could enable them to succeed in their dream in this sport. This Sunday, May 8, 2016, we went to meet them.

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The education of children in Baraka

The world made a promise to the children 25 ago at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: « We would do everything in our power to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow. » But despite these overall advances to respect the children’s right to education, many children still do not really have access to it. This is also the case for some children in Baraka. Is poverty a reason to deprive children of their right to go to school? We will show you the real facts on the education of children living in Baraka.

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