The « Baraka City », a bright and promising future for the people of Baraka …

The activities of the « Cité Baraka » project officially started in March 2018 with the construction of the first six buildings. This project, both sung by the YOU Foundation, is supported by the technical and financial partner of the YOU Foundation, Mr. Samih Sawiris, General Manager of the CasaOrascom Group. In Senegal the project is supported by the President of the Republic, Macky Sall who personally returned to Baraka on April 27, 2017 to launch the project « Cité Baraka ».

The Minister of Urban Renewal and Living Environment Senegal is responsible for monitoring this project.


After nine months of activities, the buildings took shape and a control apartment at the J building was finalized and visited by the Prime Minister of Senegal on January 23, 2019. The apartment was a F4 on the ground floor consisting of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a balcony. What a beauty !


Mrs. Ndeye Awa Bakhoum, mother of 8 children, is a beneficiary of an apartment type F3. She is a restaurateur in Baraka and is satisfied with the work because she had to visit the show apartment. According to her, there are only a few months left for her to find herself in her new apartment with her children. In this case it will have nothing to envy to other women from surrounding neighborhoods …


The small children of Ndeye Awa Bakhoum who are already in Baraka kindergarten will also have a playground where they can flourish …


Maimouna Sangaré who was the victim of a fire in August 2018 where she lost a good part of her clothes and materials is very enthusiastic about the project « Cité Baraka » whose work is in progress. She will benefit from a hard flat type F2 and think that there will be a fire hydrant in the new city …


Gassimou Diallo wood carpenter in Baraka, is also a beneficiary of an apartment type F3. Since the signing of the contract Gassimou is working hard to prepare his new life in the apartments. With the capacity building of the Baraka craftsmen he benefited from, Gassimou and his team had to participate in the project of relocation of the populations impacted by the construction works by the establishment of barracks.


Fatoumata Binta Ba, 6 years old, is the granddaughter of Mamadou Alpha Ba who is also the beneficiary of an F4-type apartment. Fatoumata proudly says she is very happy with these constructions and would like to be like Mrs. Ohoven to help vulnerable populations …

IMG-20190410-WA0014 (1)

Mariama Ciré Diallo, 5 years old, whose father is the beneficiary of an apartment type F3. With the improvement of their living conditions, Mariama would like to study to help her mother and father one day …

With the project « Cité Baraka », the children express their ambition to study well to one day make money for their parents who sacrificed themselves in precariousness to ensure their education with the help and support of Mrs. Ohoven, their  » Blonde Mama « of the YOU Foundation.

According to them, there will be no more shacks and huts and their friends will not make fun of them anymore. Now they will live in well-appointed buildings with play areas and clean common areas.

Thank you Mrs Ohoven, Thank you Mama Blonde …


After the follow-up mission of the representatives of CasaOrascom of Mr. Samih Sawaris in September 2018, it is the turn of the YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need (Germany) to follow the progress of the project « Cité Baraka ».


artisans of Baraka prepare the relocation 26 families impacted by the constrction buildings

The relocation of the 26 families impacted by the project « Cité Baraka » had a huge delay and that is why the Baraka development committee in relation with the artisans of Baraka decided to get their hands dirty by proposing to build much cheaper Baraques.
Baraka craftsmen, especially carpenters, masons and electricians are hard at work for the realization of 78 Baraques.rps20180619_212804

This work is also facilitated by the Municipality of Sicap Liberty with the unfailing support of the Mayor Sir Sathie Agne who has the means to clear the occupants of the road and to clear the site which was made of large stones.
As a reminder, the space located on the main road at the entrance to Baraka was chosen to build the first 20 barracks and relocate families located southeast of the site. This will allow the contractor to properly continue building construction.rps20180619_212550

This « Cité Baraka » project is strongly supported by the State of Senegal through the Ministry of Urban Renewal of Housing and Living Environment which has set up a steering committee to facilitate the implementation of the project.rps20180619_212506

It is in this context that the chairman of the said committee, Mrs Soumaré, makes a weekly visit to the site to see the progress of the work.
Baraka artisans will never stop thanking the YOU Foundation for building capacity by empowering them in their fields.
According to them it is this training which motivated their implication in the proposal of the construction of barracks to relocate the 26 affected families.
Below are some photos of the project for the relocation of families impacted by the project:



Mrs Ohoven and her daughter Claudia have made another 10-day stay in Senegal from 30 to 7 February 2018
As usual « Blonde Mom » ​​is always with his family in Baraka that is close to his heart during his various visits to Dakar to follow his actions in joy.rps20180221_005215

This time again « Blonde Mom » ​​is in Baraka with partners to please the children of the primary school.
As a reminder, this primary school was recognized by the State of Senegal in 2012 thanks to the support of the YOU FOUNDATION in this case « Blonde Mom ».


The YOU FOUNDATION and its partners first practiced a recreational activity by painting with various drawings of the inside wall of the school with the participation of all elementary school students, teachers and committee members piloting of Baraka.


This activity was made in an atmosphere of celebration, joy and joy !!!


Then gifts were given to the 210 primary school students and 90 children in the Baraka neighborhood to the delight of students, teachers and parents.


All thanked warmly « Blonde Mom »



Madame Ohoven et sa fille Claudia ont effectué encore un séjour de 10 jours au Sénégal du 30 au 7 Février 2018
Comme d’habitude « Maman Blonde » est toujours auprès de sa famille à Baraka qui lui tient à cœur lors de ses différents séjours à Dakar pour assurer le suivi de ses actions dans la joie.rps20180221_005215

Cette fois encore « Maman Blonde » est à Baraka avec des partenaires pour faire plaisir aux enfants de l’école primaire.
Pour rappel, cette école primaire a été reconnue par l’Etat du Sénégal en 2012 grâce à l’appui de la YOU FOUNDATION en l’occurrence « Maman Blonde ».rps20180221_004940

La YOU FOUNDATION et ses partenaires ont d’abord pratiqué une activité récréative en assurant la peinture avec divers dessins du pan du mur intérieur de l’école avec la participation de tous les élèves de l’école primaire, des enseignants et des membres du comité de pilotage de Baraka.rps20180221_005123

Cette activité a été faite dans une ambiance de fête, de joie et d’allégresse !!!


Ensuite des cadeaux ont été offerts aux 210 élèves de l’école primaire et 90 enfants du quartier Baraka au grand bonheur des élèves, des enseignants et des parents.rps20180221_004754

Tous ont remercié vivement « Maman Blonde »


Visite déchanges des Menuisiers de Baraka à Ouakam

Le chômage des jeunes au Sénégal et particulièrement ceux de Baraka, est dû en partie à leur manque de qualification et dexpériences professionnelles ainsi quà linadéquation entre les profils présentés et les besoins du marché du travail.

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Les Femmes d’abord

On entend souvent dire ‘’ il faut beaucoup d’argent pour créer une entreprise » ; c’est faux. Il existe de nombreuses solutions pour créer son propre projet. C’est ce que la YOU FONDATION a compris en mettant en place une stratégie pour aider les artisans de Baraka surtout les femmes commerçantes et transformatrices de produits locaux.

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The Foundation wants to ensure the well-being of children in Baraka by building a nursery school.
The Foundation for the OMNITEST project, the German company well known in Germany and the AGFUND (Arab Gulf Program for Development)

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