Baraka craftsmen plan their training in Management and Marketing

The training of the craftsmen of Baraka began with a planning session with the teacher / trainer Mr Mohamed Diouf who will conduct the training in Baraka with two of his college professors of marketing and computer science.
Indeed, the craftsmen’s office first met on 12 July 2017 with the trainer Mr Mohamed Diouf, who is a management professor to define together the practical modalities of the training.
Following this meeting a large general assembly is organized by the craftsmen and the HOPE’87 team together with the trainer on 14 July 2017 to discuss the practical modalities of the training chosen by the office.
It’s about :
– All registered artisans and women transforming local products who wish to attend the training courses from Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm for three (3) months
– Any craftsman who starts the training must continue until the end.
– All artisans in training must respect the starting and descent times.
The artisans have massively adhered to this formation which is a grievance that they expressed during the campaigns of sensitization of the population of Baraka on the project « City Baraka » supported by the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Distress.
Yaya Diallo and Gassimou Diallo as well as other artisans have seen their dreams become a reality thanks to this project of empowerment of artisans backed by their « Mama Blonde » with the YOU Foundation. They will be able to strengthen their work, their responsibilities in the work and benefit from future canteens !!!

Here are the pictures of the different meetings

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