Far from the beautiful villas, all-terrain vehicles and paved streets, it is the dust, the promiscuity, the poverty which characterizes the Baraka district which is a poor district. This neighborhood is located in Dakar, Senegal in the municipality of Sicap Liberté where the majority of the population is illiterate and with a low rate of schooling of children.
Even though there were children studying outside Baraka, most spent their days dragging and playing in the neighborhood for lack of follow-up. Parents left in the morning around 7 am to go to work or sell in the surrounding markets to put some things on the table for their children.


In 2011 during a visit to Senegal Mrs Ohoven of the YOU Foundation for the Education of Children in Need was able to see for herself that most of the children had no occupation and played in the neighborhood far from protective eye of the parents. It has decided to completely rebuild the primary school with a complete cycle of CI to CM2 with six (06) rooms equipped in connection with its local partner HOPE’87 Senegal.



With the support of the State of Senegal, the school was recognized and the State assigned eight (8) teachers and one (1) director. Since 2012, Baraka Primary School has had an average workforce of 206 children aged 7 to 13 years old.
It was very good news for all parents because children will now be safe at school.
However, the early childhood situation (children from 2 to 6 years old) in Baraka was very worrying. The nursery created by ENDA around 1995 had stopped working since 2004.


The children of Baraka for lack of a reception facility in the neighborhood remain in the houses delivered to themselves, spend their time crisscrossing the neighborhood with all that entails as danger.


Aware of this problem of early childhood and as Special Ambassador of UNESCO, Mrs Ohoven of the YOU Foundation decided to support the creation of the nursery school in Baraka by introducing a school canteen to raise the level of malnutrition children with the consumption of milk and fortified food. This school will participate in the achievement of one of UNESCO’s objectives, which is Education For All (EFA), particularly in terms of developing early childhood education and protection.
In her mission to help vulnerable children improve their living conditions, Ms. Ohoven decided to restore the human dignity of the people of Baraka by rebuilding the Baraka slum in a modern neighborhood called « Baraka City ». This project, which will include eleven (11) buildings, started with the construction of the first six (06) buildings.

A day in Baraka

These populations of about 1,600 inhabitants in 210 households live in shacks without running water or functioning sanitary facilities and live in confined spaces with their children in an unhealthy environment without judicial protection.


With this project, the huts and barracks will give way to 11 buildings or will now live the 210 households in the neighborhood. These populations will have a new life in common spaces where hygiene and cleanliness will be required.
Soon the children who are the future of Baraka will all live in worthy homes.


Please help Mrs. Ohoven to accomplish this mission …

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